Geometry Dash: Fire and Water – dash through dangerous caves!

Geometry Dash: Fire and Water is a cool game of skill in which you can use your racing cube as one of the two elements to set a new high score .

Fire and water is a popular topic at SpielAffe – slip into the role of the racing cube, which can switch back and forth between these two natural elements in this part of the cool game series. Of course, it is also not possible here that fire can whiz across water levels and vice versa.

So you have to change your dice at the right moment and watch out for other obstacles, hurdles and traps and use the boosters. The gold stars on the racetrack serve as payment for new skins and of course you can also set a new distance record in each level.

Do you have a flair for the right moment and can you prevent fire and water from evaporating and fizzling out? Then run and jump as far as you can and play Geometry Dash: Fire and Water megahack v6!

How to play Fire and Water Geometry Dash

The controls are very easy, but they require good timing:

  • Jump over the obstacles and abysses with the left mouse button.
  • Switch back and forth between fire and water at the right moment with the space bar.
  • Collect the stars on the route.
  • Use the acceleration boosters by jumping through fire rings or using a rocket.

Tips and tricks – change the skin

If you are good at collecting stars, you will soon be able to buy new skins for your fire and water cubes in the shop For every 100 stars you get martial new faces.

  • the pirate
  • the devil
  • the robot